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Diamond & Fox is a clothing line, but what is a clothing line exactly. Do we just make garments in bulk and try to flood an already overcrowded market of fashion? No, absolutely not; Diamond & Fox was an idea that was brought together by myself originally and we were able to begin putting our brand together with the help of one of my best friends. Personally, I am an individual who just loves to have awesome tees.

When you get a tee that you just love and enjoy it just becomes a part of you, you wear it all the time, it is comfortable, fun, and you end up remembering all the great times you had while you were wearing that. At Diamond & Fox, we want to give you more of those memories, more of those times that you will cherish and hold on to every time you put on one of our tees.

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Remember when you bought a brand new tee that you really wanted and wearing it all the time, and even after it started to get old you couldn't let it go. You would still find some way to wear it to do something just because you enjoyed it so much. This is what we want to accomplish for you here at Diamond & Fox, we want to give you a great product that you will want to wear forever.

Our main line and our passion are tees, and we will expand beyond that, but it all comes back to making you look and feel awesome in that tee, whether it is an accessory or some other article of clothing that will just make your D&F tee stand out above the rest.

Passion, hard work, and dedication are very important to us, but the number one rule is always to have fun with what you are doing , and that is exactly what we are doing, and hopefully you will join in on the fun with us. Thank you from the Diamond & Fox Family to you!

Manny Segura
Diamond & Fox Co-Owner